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It’s all about possibilities. You can be assured that you are receiving a quality online high school and middle school education. At Graham Private Christian High School we continually strive to provide you with a superior educational experience. When you enter our virtual classroom, you enter an online school full of opportunity. Become part of the GPC family!

Enrolling in the right school should be easy. We've kept our enrollment process open, flexible and easy to complete. With no semesters, you can enroll any time of year. So, whether it is October or March, you will always start at the beginning of every course. There is no stress of being behind. Students can enroll in up to 6 courses. 

Please read before enrollment:

Students can enroll in up to 6 courses at a time and pay month-to-month with no contract. Students will have Full Teacher Support, counselor and technical support available via video chat, audio call, email, instant messaging. When enrolled into Graham Private Christian High School, please allow (72) hours from the time enrollment forms are sent in to set up all accounts. We will set them up as quickly as possible.


REFUND POLICY: Due to proprietary software, content, intellectual property, once enrollment form has been submitted and signed there will be no refunds issued.

WITHDRAWAL: The only written notice we will accept is our Student Withdrawal Form. We will not accept verbal withdrawals or any other means of withdrawals. There are absolutely no refunds after enrollment forms have been submitted and signed, a student can withdraw at any time. Students must complete ALL work in order to attain grades and/or credits.

FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Graham Private Christian High School offers month to month payment plans with no contract. These plans are offered interest free if payments are not late. For accounts that are not current, a $25.00 charged is added on a monthly basis and will accumulate until the account is paid. Accounts that are placed in collection because of non-payment are subject to additional fees as permitted by law. The account holder is responsible for all collection costs associated with collection activities for accounts that are cancelled for non-payment. Accounts cancelled or suspended for non-payment are subject to reporting to credit agencies and collection services. Parents/Guardian/Students on a month-to-month payment plan that withdraw are responsible for the full tuition balance for the month. No records will be issued for students who withdraw with a tuition balance.

A student that withdraws for any reason must contact the registrar’s office to obtain a withdrawal form which must be fully completed, signed and returned. The student will not be considered withdrawn from the Graham Private Christian High School until the withdrawal form is received. 

Required For Graduation:

*Every student will be evaluated individually. Most students will only need the 6 credits listed below. Some students may need additional credits to graduate if they do not meet the Florida State Graduation Requirements.

GPCHS Graduation.png


I would like to thank Graham Private Christian High School for giving people like me, a hard working mother a chance to show my family that education is important.


R. Cousins

I will like to thank Graham Private Christian High School on giving me the chance to earn my High School Diploma to further my education.


P. Barfield